Natural supplements for dogs with warts

probiotics for pets

If your dog has warts and they are not bothersome, we recommend leaving them as is and going the “natural route” to get rid of them. Below we will offer some natural home remedies for relieving your dog of warts, including two all natural supplements you’ll want to include in your natural wart removal plan.

Probiotics For Dogs

Strengthen your dog’s immune system with probiotics. Probiotics will make the immune system strong enough to fight viral infections, and get rid of those unsightly warts.

Warts appear because of a virus inside your dog’s body. In most cases, antibiotics do little to help the outbreak and spread of warts. Why? Because antibiotics kill bacteria, not viruses. A bacterial infection is not the same as a viral infection. The solution? Boost your pet’s immune system naturally, and your pet will fight the virus on it’s own.

Note: In some severe cases, antibiotics may be prescribed by your veterinarian and are crucial to knock out an infection in your pet’s body! Always listen to advice from your veterinarian. Remember to supplement with probiotics when your pet is on antibiotics to prevent further infection and candida.

Sodium Chlorite Solution

The most natural and safe form of sodium chlorite solution is Oxy-pH Boost™, a concentrated liquid used to alkalize the system and boost immunity. It is a natural disinfectant, and can be used as an anti-fungal and anti-viral agent. It is all natural, and safe for use topically (diluted and applied to the skin) and orally (diluted in water for drinking).

What does Oxy-pH Boost™ do?

When directly applied to the skin: Oxy-pH Boost™ can be used to cleanse the warts and surrounding trouble areas to keep them clean and prevent further spreading. It will also help disinfect these areas and can prevent any bacterial infection caused from itching or broken skin.

When diluted in your dog’s daily drinking water: Oxy-pH Boost™ will be working to enhance the immune system, remove toxins, and will work hand in hand with the probiotics to rid the body of bad bacteria, and help the good bacteria (probiotics) to colonize and thrive in the gut.

Bonus: Oxy-pH Boost™ in your pet’s water will disinfect the mouth. Disinfecting the mouth is a VERY important step in preventing the spread of warts – considering your dog’s daily hygiene regimen consists of licking himself! You want to be sure the warts virus does not travel to other areas of the body, especially the mouth, which can be painful and very serious.

For more information read: How To Use Oxy-pH Boost™ For Pets

Natural Wart Removal Plan

In our next article: A 3 step plan to get rid of your dog’s warts for good!


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