How to store cat food properly

digestive enzymes for cats

Propet food storage makes a difference for your cat! Read our tips below to ensure you are storing your cat’s food in a safe way:

Canned cat food

Unused portions of canned cat food should be refrigerated to maintain quality and prevent spoilage until the next feeding. To prevent possible digestion problems related to temperature differences refrigerated food should be brought to room temperature before it is offered to the cat.

Dry cat food

Dry food should be stored in a cool, dry location, and used within 6 months of purchase. Lengthy storage decreases the activity and potency of many vitamins. Storing dry food in an airtight container will prevent further nutrient deterioration and help maintain palatability. Do not buy a year’s worth of food just because it is on sale.

Get the most out of your cat food

Add a serving of Total-Zymes® digestive enzyme powder before each feeding to help your cat digest his food and absorb all of it’s nutrients. More about Total-Zymes® here.


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