Finish summer strong with your pets

Maintaining your pet’s healthy lifestyle does not have to be complicated. In fact, we believe that less is more; the simpler the better. These three tips to finish summer strong with your pet are quite simple, and are actually the building blocks to maintaining your pet’s health throughout the year. Come back to these tips any time you need to refresh your routine or want a reminder of how to support your pet’s health in the best way possible. Remember, small simple adjustments can lead to big improvements in your pet’s quality of life.

Get a high quality pet food

Have you ever wondered why NWC Naturals® does not make a multi-vitamin for pets? We believe your pet should get their nutrition from food whenever possible! We love recommending smaller boutique pet food suppliers that make food from scratch with real ingredients. (Try a Nature’s Select or Pet Wants location near you! They both offer all-natural pet foods with free delivery options to your home.) A high quality pet food will contain all the essential nutrients your pet needs to sustain a healthy life. Which leads us to our next point:

Digestion is key

If your pet is on the very best pet food in the world but can’t digest it, you probably won’t see much of a difference. Good digestion is an absolute necessity! Every pet that eats cooked food should be on a digestive enzyme supplement for pets. Adding enzymes to each meal ensures that your pet is digesting their food, and absorbing as much of the nutrition from the food as possible. Bonus: Digestive enzymes also support a healthy coat, skin, and allergies. We recommend Total-Zymes® which comes in a 2.2oz. or 8oz. jar.

enzymes for pets

Exercise your pet daily

Your pet needs to exercise to maintain health weight, bones, joints, mobility, and brain. Although exercise needs vary greatly from one pet to another, there are plenty of resources online that can help you come up with a plan specific to your pet. Additionally, you can review these short reads: How much exercise does my pet need? and How to exercise with your pet.

Start with these three tips as your foundation and build from there! Looking for more tips for healthy living? Follow us on Instagram @nwcnaturals.


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