How much exercise does my pet need?

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How much exercise your pet needs will depend on several factors including his age, weight, and breed. A general rule of thumb before beginning any exercise program with your pet is to make an appointment with your local vet for a checkup.


Generally, dogs require 30 minutes to 2 hours of exercise per day. Again, you will need to take in to consideration his age, weight, and breed. In addition to physical exercise, dogs can also benefit from mental stimulation such as playing with toys, walking on new paths, or visiting new locations.


Cats generally require less exercise than dogs, ranging from 10-20 minutes a few times each day. Some great options to make sure your cat is exercising enough while you are gone for the day is to get him some type of vertical space to play on such as a cat tower and a scratching post. Cats also benefit from mental exercise so grab a laser pointer and have some fun letting your cat try to get the light. Have plenty of small noisy toys that you can throw across the room for your cat to chase or get a wand that you can play with together. There are also plenty of apps and games that you can download to your mobile device that your cat will love to play. Don’t believe us? Try it out and see what your cat thinks!

Couple your pet’s exercise regimen with a healthy diet and supplements. See for details.


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