Why enzymes and probiotics for pets are necessary

total biotics

In a pet store, most often, digestive enzymes and probiotics are displayed in the remedy isle. The message that sends is to get these products after a problem shows up. That is like changing the oil in the family car after you have engine problems. Oil changes are normal necessary maintenance for a car. Digestive enzymes and probiotics are normal necessary maintenance for all pets.

The most successful stores selling digestive enzymes and probiotics may display those products in the supplement isle, but they also put it behind the counter or at the checkout station, for point of purchase suggesting. The staff can comment on the quality selection of the food being purchased that day by the customer and suggest adding digestive enzymes and probiotics to ensure proper digestion.

One big benefit using digestive enzymes (especially with big dog customers) is you can reduce the amount of food being fed up to twenty-five percent. The pet will maintain a healthy weight with less food and will not be hungry. This is due to the fact that when 100% of the food digests properly instead of just passing thru the pet all the food has nutritional value. This principal works on all size pets, but a bigger dog eating 6-8 cups a day, the cost savings is more dramatic.

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