Why your pet may have digestive issues

pet digestion

As the pet food market changes, pets are not just livestock to be owned, but more and more are seen as members of the family. The landscape of pet food is forever changing and is becoming more and more complex. Ingredients that would never have found their way into a dog’s dinner bowl are now showing up with increasing regularity. The majority of those foods are cooked and processed destroying the natural enzymes that came in those raw foods to digest the food itself. The necessity for supplemental non-animal sourced enzymes is on the rise and once a pet caretaker realizes the health and longevity benefits to using supplemental enzymes, they become an essential part of that pet’s care.

The challenge with enzymes

The challenge is, to get an enzyme formula to match the complexity of the food, at least 16 different enzymes are needed to digest all the complex ingredients in the modern pet diet. Example: There are five enzymes needed to digest rice (a single common ingredient) but some enzyme products only offer four enzymes and that only does a partial job. A pet caretaker needs to seek out a comprehensive enzyme approach to total digestion. 

The most complete enzyme for pets

Total-Zymes® contains 16 digestive enzymes for complete digestive support. It supports the digestive tract, immune system, and promotes healthy skin and coat. It may also help with joint difficulties and stiffness. Shop here to see a complete ingredients list and pricing.

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