First dietary fiber verified “natural”

probiotics for dogs

There is a new standard for food ingredients that can be called “natural.” Chicory root fiber (pre-biotic) is the first dietary fiber to achieve this verification. We only use chicory root as a pre-biotic in our products.

Some NWC Naturals® products that contain chicory root as a pre-biotic:

Total-Zymes® and Total-Biotics®










Total-Zymes® for pets contains 16 digestive enzymes and prebiotics to encourage gut health. Shop here.

Total-Biotics® for pets contains 14 live stabilized probiotics plus prebiotics and promotes optimal health and a strong immune system. Shop here.

Pro-Biotics Plus® Stick Pack






Each stick pack offers 40 billion probiotic CFUs and 12 different strains of live friendly bacteria plus prebiotics. Shop here.

Pro-Biotics Plus® Capsules






Pro-Biotics Plus® Capsules contains 3.6 billion CFUs per capsule plus prebiotics and 5 natural immune support ingredients. Shop here.


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