Natural ways to help your pet lose weight

enzymes for pets

If your pet is overweight and it is impacting his health in a negative way you no doubt are looking for natural remedies to help him become healthy again. Today we are sharing the five most important things you can do to help manage your pet’s weight in a safe and gentile way.

Start with a high quality pet food

Your pet will benefit greatly from eating an all natural, grain free diet. Visit your local boutique pet shop to get help from a qualified pet food expert. They can help you find the perfect food for your pet’s age, health, and activity level. Click here for a list of local pet supply stores that carry NWC Naturals Pet Products in your area.

Supplement with digestive enzymes

A full spectrum digestive enzyme product formulated specifically for pets will ensure that your pet receives all the benefits of the food he is eating. When your pet receives proper nourishment from his food he will no longer feel the need to eat more than what is necessary. To understand why your pet sometimes eats things like grass or stools read this article: Why does my pet eat grass? We recommend: Total-Zymes® digestive enzymes for pets.

Supplement with Probiotics

Our probiotics for pets formula, Total-Biotics® is made with a patented stabilized glutamine which helps to repair a damaged intestinal tract and reduce inflammation. It helps to cleanse and fortify the body thus removing toxins stored in fat cells.

Go on short walks

The best way to ease your pet into exercise is going on a short walk each day. Start by walking away from your house for 5 minutes and walk 5 minutes back. Increase the amount of time each week. For more exciting workout ideas, read our article: How to exercise with your pet. And since cats generally require even less exercise than dogs, read this article for some tips to make sure your cat is getting enough exercise each day.


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