Tips to help your pet lose weight

pet supplements

Does your pet need to lose a little weight? Try these tips: Supplement with digestive enzymes Help your pet fell fuller longer with digestive enzymes at every meal. Your pet may start felling fuller faster, therefore eating less. Plus, you’ll notice smaller more compact stools! Supplement with Probiotics Help clear your pet’s body of toxins […]

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Four ways to work out with your dog

exercise with pets

Want to make time to exercise and get in a little play time with your pet? Try out one of these fun ways to work out with your dog. 1. Go for a run It has been estimated that dogs need between 30 and 120 minutes of exercise each day depending on their age, breed, […]

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Can my pet get lice?

canine warts

Lice aren’t just a human problem.  There’s a canine variety. Like fleas, these flat, gray, wingless parasites may be small, but they can make your dog miserable. There are two types of canine lice: (a) Chewing lice– Attach themselves to the base of the dogs hair. They like moist areas like ears, genitals, anus, and skin […]

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How to store cat food properly

digestive enzymes for cats

Propet food storage makes a difference for your cat! Read our tips below to ensure you are storing your cat’s food in a safe way: Canned cat food Unused portions of canned cat food should be refrigerated to maintain quality and prevent spoilage until the next feeding. To prevent possible digestion problems related to temperature […]

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Tri-KRILL™ for Pets success story

tri krill for pets

We love hearing about how our products are helping improve the lives of pets all over the country! The following letter was sent in last week from a happy customer with three Golden Retrievers who regularly supplement with Tri-KRILL™ for Pets. Click the link to find out more or to watch a video about this amazing […]

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4 common dog myths- busted!

enzymes for dogs

  You can’t teach an old dog new tricks Not true. You can teach an adult dog new tricks. First keep the training sessions short and fun use plenty of positive reinforcements including praise and treats. Dogs are sick when their noses are warm Again, not true. The temperature of the nose does not indicate […]

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Why your pet needs lycopenes

pet enzymes plus

Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant and carotenoid that gives tomatoes and several other fruits and vegetables their red color. According to the American Cancer Society: “Several scientific studies have found lower risk of cancer among people who eat lycopene-rich foods.” In addition, researchers have found tomato lycopenes hold one of the most powerful antioxidants that […]

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Read this if you think your dog has warts

  What are Canine Warts? Canine warts are benign growths (just like human warts) that most often appear around the mouth, neck, and paws, although they can spread throughout the entire body. Canine warts appear due to a virus in the body, and can sometimes go away on their own. Does My Pet Have Warts? […]

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